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Have a discount code or password? Follow these instructions to make it easier! 

1) Select day/time of show - it looks like this, though all

dates will be listed: 

2) Select your date then "Get Tickets", it will look like this:

"A" is center most, Section C and B are still main floor and the

blue are accessible seating. The BE,

BC, BA, etc are balcony seating.

3) Select your section and choose your seats. It will look

like this:

We randomly chose 2 seats in Section A, they are in green.

Please note the very bottom where it says "Adult $120"

we'll change that next.

4) Change all of the tickets at the bottom using the drop down

to say "discount" this made my seats half price. The discount is

good for all price sections excdept the $25 seats. Then hit the 

"Add Tickets" button (or if you made an error, you can delete these

by using the red checks to the right of the seats)

5) This page confirms your seats and then asks for a Passsword.

TURKEY is a good code right now! 

6) Further questions or issues? Please contact the Orpheum

Box Office at 602-262-7272.


We look forward to seeing you at the show!


Orpheum Theatre

Phoenix Ballet

203 West Adams

Phoenix, AZ 85003



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