Scholarship Donors

We are currently looking for the following partnerships to help grow our company. Ballet is expensive, and for most of these young students, they have moved from all over the world to train and participate at Master Ballet Academy and the Phoenix Ballet. We are looking for 12 sponsorships for students to train at Master Ballet Academy. The Phoenix Ballet will provide these scholarships to students who deserve and need the financial assistance to continue their ballet education and perform with the company. To sponsor a dancer for the 2018-2019 season, between tuition, costumes, pointe shoes (toe shoes), and fees, the average dance family will spend about $15,000, while the dancer trains about 35 hours a week and 50 hours a week during performances. Currently, our goal for the 2018-2019 season is to raise $180,000 that will provide twenty scholarships for young dancers. Our overall goal for the 2018-2019 Season is raising roughly half a million dollars to provide Arizona with the highest quality of training and performances possible for young dancers.

Topaz ($100+)
Emerald ($500+)
Ruby ($1,000+)
Diamond ($5,000+)
Platinum ($10,000+)

2018-2019 Season Sponsors

Our season sponsorship program goes even further for those who are inclined to truly help Phoenix Ballet's mission of bringing excellence and quality in ballet. Our sponsorship and donor programs help fund productions costs, costuming, and the overhead it takes to run the Phoenix Ballet. The Phoenix Ballet's Season Sponsorship Program provides benefactors with exclusive benefits to the the Phoenix Ballet.

Nutcracker Sponsor ($1,000)
Nutcracker Supporter ($500)

Golden Swan Gala Underwriter ($100,000)
Golden Swan Prize Presenter ($10,000)
Golden Swan Gala Sponsor ($2,500)
For more information on the Golden Swan Awards Click Here

Pointe Shoe Fund ($120/pair)
Costume Fund ($800/tutu)

Spring Repertory Underwriter ($50,000)
Spring Repertory Sponsor ($2,500)

Season Sponsor ($6,000)
Season Supporter ($100)

Founder's Circle

The Phoenix Ballet is a new thriving company, providing amazing opportunities for young people, and providing exceptional performances for the Arizona and world-wide audience. As the Phoenix Ballet grows we are currently looking for those who are able and willing to help this company blossom.

Artist's Circle ($50,000+)
Director's Circle ($100,000+)
Founder's Circle ($300,000+)