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In 2007, my wife Irena, and our two sons Michael and Slawomir Jr moved from Poland to the United States and we started our ballet school – Master Ballet Academy. Miss Irena had just retired from dancing and I recently graduated from the University of Music in Warsaw. It was a natural transition from being a Principal Dancer of Poland, and already recognized choreographer to become a teacher, and to be able to transfer our experience, knowledge and passion onto younger generations of ballet dancers.

Of course, my entire dream will come true when we will be able to run our own company based on the dancers we raised, and have them perform around the World in full ballet repertoire, but it takes time, but we are striving to make it happen. And just as we started dancing as children, because we felt it was our desire, passion and destiny – we wanted to continue our “mission” as teachers to fulfill our love to ballet. Probably that’s why our sons’ without any input from us, became ballet dancers as natural order, as they saw how much we love what we do and decided to follow that path.

Ballet was all our life and it will be as long as we will be able to be involved. As we believe dance is the most wonderful form of art, we would like to make sure that people who don’t know it, will fall in love with it by seeing our great quality performances. We also would like to provide dance education for our students at a level that they will be an important part of the dance world and they will be able to become a part its history by creating the future.


Summer Montenegro (age 12)

Summer Montenegro (age 12)


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